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Horse Stalls

Year Round Rates

Stalls- Overnight

$30.00 per-day if collected by EXPO outside of a show or event

Event Rental Rates

$15.00 per-day if collected by the show or event as part of the show or event, based on event contract.
$20.00 per-day if collected by EXPO when part of a show or event, based on event contract.

Day-Trip Fee- No Overnight Stalls

*This is per horse and must be collected on site ONLY. Please call (505)401-5095 for assistance.*

$12.00 per-day if collected by EXPO
$ 8.00 per-day if collected by event as part of a show or event


Please check for your specific event below, otherwise questions can be made by calling 505-222-9700

These charges apply to any stall/tack room that has any belongings placed in it, even if it is just overflow storage and not being used for an actual animal.

*Please note, rates are subject to online fees*
Horse Stall Rentals
Horse Stall Rentals
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Stall $30.00 QTY of Days
Tack Room
Tack Room
Pre-Purchase your Horse Stall needs here, today! Purchase your bedding and feed now!

***If purchasing more than 10 orders of alfalfa or shavings, please call us 24 hours before arriving to ensure that we have the stock prepared for you: 505-222-9700
Alfalfa $22.00
Shavings $8.00

Event Specific Rates

For questions regarding the Duke City Classic, team roping event, please contact Vince Guzman at (505)218-4776.
*You will have to create a separate order for any additional stalls needed. This applies to stalls only.
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