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Horse Stalls

*Please note that Stalls Rentals at ExpoNM are NOT available the month of September, due to the annual New Mexico State Fair.*
If you require a horse stall for an event you are participating in, contact the event coordinator for rental information.

Year Round Rates

Stalls- Overnight

$30.00 per-day if collected by EXPO outside of a show or event

Event Rental Rates

$15.00 per-day if collected by the show or event as part of the show or event, based on event contract.
$20.00 per-day if collected by EXPO when part of a show or event, based on event contract.

Day-Trip Fee- No Overnight Stalls

*This is per horse and must be collected on site ONLY. Please call (505)401-5095 for assistance.*

$12.00 per-day if collected by EXPO
$ 8.00 per-day if collected by event as part of a show or event


Please check for your specific event below, otherwise questions can be made by calling 505-222-9700

These charges apply to any stall/tack room that has any belongings placed in it, even if it is just overflow storage and not being used for an actual animal.

Tack Room

Tack Room supports multiple events, please prepare in advance for your stalling needs.
Stock is not guaranteed.

Please purchase after meeting with an Expo Team member.

*Please note, rates are subject to online fees*
Horse Stall Rentals
Horse Stall Rentals
Pre-Purchase all of your Horse Stalls here, today! Reserve your Stall now!
Stall $30.00 QTY of Days
Tack Room
Tack Room
PLEASE DO NOT pre-purchase from the tack room, once you arrive a team member will ensure availability and then allow purchase.

NO REFUNDS if pre purchased and items not in stock.
Alfalfa $22.00
Shavings $8.00

Event Specific Rates

For questions regarding the Duke City Classic, team roping event, please contact Vince Guzman at (505)218-4776.
*You will have to create a separate order for any additional stalls needed. This applies to stalls only.
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