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This Months Favorite Expo New Mexico "Flea Market Find"


We often talk about all the cool things you can find at the EXPO New Mexico Flea Market, but a recent find by our parking department staff exceeded all expectations, and you might call this one an “import.”

It’s approximately a 248-mile journey from Anthony, Texas to the heart of Albuquerque where the EXPO New Mexico flea market, considered by many as one of the best markets around, takes place almost every Saturday and Sunday of the year. Although lots of folks come to the market to buy original products, fresh produce, and one-of-a kind items, anyone can set up a booth so we also have a lot of people who come to sell at the market. Given these opportunities and the variety of unique gifts and special finds that you can purchase at the market, we’re used to folks traveling great distances to visit us but weren’t expecting the special visitor we had from Anthony, Texas who showed up at the market on Saturday, December 2.

Our parking team does a great job monitoring the lots during weekend traffic and that’s exactly what they were doing when they stumbled upon Benito, a mini poodle who was wandering the parking lot nearest the flea market that early December morning. It was clear that Benito was out of his element and at EXPO NM, we love our four-legged friends, so our employee Joe jumped into action to rescue Benito. He was able to take Benito to the flea market office where the flea market staff made sure the dog was warm, fed and hydrated. After getting settled in, the team went to work to identify Benito’s owners who they knew were surely missing him.

Flea Market team members Adrienne and Adrienna took Benito on a short ride to have him scanned and were relieved to learn that the dog was chipped. Imagine their shock however when they found out that Benito wasn’t just a neighborhood dog who wandered a short distance, but rather he was a Texas pup who had been on the lam for approximately four months. Needless to say, his elderly owners were overjoyed to learn that little Benito had been found safe. In addition to being far from his humans, the team learned that Benito is deaf, making his time away from home all the more harrowing. Our EXPO NM staff was thrilled to find out that friends of the couple who were traveling through the area were able to transport Benito without delay, so that he wouldn’t have to spend another night away from his favorite humans.

Whether it’s making a new furry friend or stumbling upon a special flea market find, it just goes to show you that there is much to be discovered at the EXPO New Mexico Flea Market. We’re open from 8 AM to 3 PM every Saturday and Sunday with the exception of state fair weekends, and we hope you will also come visit us soon!

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