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RV Space Rentals


Due to growing concerns regarding the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Expo New Mexico will not rent space for RV accommodations until further notice.

RV Hook-Ups

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Full Hook-Up includes at least one (1) of the following : Electricity, Water, and/or sewer.- $40.00 per night

Dry camp/parking ONLY- $30.00 per night

RV spaces are approximately 54ft. x 19ft.
*Some spaces sizes do vary based on their locations on the property.

All RV parking, including location, is on a first come/first serve basis and is at the discretion of Expo New Mexico.
Please refer to the New Mexico Department of Health for all travel guidelines, prior to your event.

Contact Info

Please call 505-222-9715 for details and reservations.
If you are arriving early/after hours, please contact security, 24/7, at 505-401-5095.

Upcoming Event Reservations!

2021 Route 66 Street Rod Nationals RV Parking
2021 Route 66 Street Rod Nationals RV Parking
Aug 27 - Aug 29, 2021
RV Reservations for the 2021 NSRA Route 66 Street Rods Nationals. Choose from $40 a night for Full Hook Up ,$30 a night for Dry Camp, and $20 a night for Dry Storage, additional vehicles and/or trailers.
$20.00 - $300.00

Non-Specific Event Reservations! Coming Soon!

RV Camping
RV Camping
Reserve for your stay at Expo New Mexico! Select your nights starting at $40 a night for Full Hook-Up, or $30 a night for Dry Camp!
Dry Camp $30.00 Dry Camp- Uses no amenities. $30/Night.
Full Hook-Up $40.00 Full Hook-Up- Uses at least One (1) Amenity. $40/Night.


*All RV reservations will be collected online only, unless you have already contacted an approved ExpoNM Coordinator.
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